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Tier 4 CAMHS hospital education centre for young people


Brookside School is an education centre for young people who are admitted to the Brookside tier 4 Adolescent Unit.

The hospital caters for young people who have a wide range of challenging mental health conditions. Referal to the hospital is usually made via the community CAMHS route.

There are both planned and emergency admissions. There are a mix of ward based and YPHTT patients.

YPHTT stands for Young Peoples’ Home Treatment Team.Currently there are 15 young people receiving treatment as inpatients on the ward.

We can offer liaison work for YPHTT students and some tuition for students within the London borough of Redbridge.


Education Centre

In the education centre, there are four teachers at present and one learning support assistant. There is one full time head teacher. A music teacher gives instrument lessons for two hours a week.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is suitable and flexible ,as well as appropriate for individual students’ needs. We support Post 16 students and ensure that they are able to continue with their studies throughout their time at Brookside.The head of education works closely with the Post 16 coordinator to liaise with ┬ástudents’ colleges and home schools.

We ensure that Exam board Specifications and College Programmes of Study are emailed across to students so that they can keep abreast with what their peers at their home schools are studying.

The education team work as part of a multidisciplinary team of staff which comprises of nursing staff, doctors, occupational therapists,psychologists, consultants as well as many other professionals.

We also work alongside the parents and mainstream teachers and lecturers of the young people being treated in the hospital.

We support reintegration to main stream schools or to any other provision that would best meet a young person’s educational needs.We ensure that there is effective liaison with home schools and other services that are relevant and involved in a young person’s care.